How Carriers Can Combat the Driver Turnover Rate?

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Keep your Drivers Happy
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New Hires

One way that carriers can begin to combat this issue is by focusing more closely on new hires. This is an especially important step within their first few months. When employees are properly managed and trained to the best of their abilities, there is a much larger chance that they will gain confidence and remain behind the wheel longer. Apart from this, driver retention relies on various factors that should all be considered for improving the quality of your fleet.


For starters, it is imperative that a driver and his fleet manager remain in open communication with one another. Carriers who are skilled at communicating and understanding each other’s expectations early on is an important step in the right direction. For example, try discussing what a driver’s experience and the job will be like once they reach tenure status. In a previous blog post, we discussed how while air conditioning and power windows seem like an unnecessary upgrade to fleet owners, it will help with resale value AND keep your drivers happy! This will give them some good incentives to stick around.


Feedback Mail Box for Drivers
Be Open to Feedback from Drivers

Through the use of engagement programs like Stay Metrics, fleet managers can effectively learn a lot about their drivers. Through the use of employee surveys, it was determined that early turnover rates can be reduced simply by using effective dispatchers that are friendly and likable. This makes it easier for drivers to do their jobs while remaining in good spirits and communication with both dispatchers and fleet managers.  

Training and Onboarding

Driving trucks for a living requires a substantial amount of training in order to set drivers on a path of success. These few years, new trucking technology like electronic logging devices, fleet management software, and dashcams have been introduced to the industry. As such, training new drivers has become more imperative than ever. Drivers must understand these systems inside and out to keep them from running into problems. To help with the process, it is beneficial to choose an ELD that is intuitive and easy-to-use. If the drivers are trained well, they will encounter fewer problematic situations.

Solving Driver Retention

The solution to driver retention is actually quite a simple one. By gaining control over early driver turnover rates, you can potentially prevent these early exits and unhappy working conditions. With an efficient driver recruitment process, you can effectively set up clear expectations. Through the use of mentors and a clearly presented end goal, retaining drivers should no longer be a major issue.

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