How to Maintain the Resale Value of Your Truck

Picture of Semi Trucks
Picture of Semi Trucks

When buying a new truck, you make sure to get the best value and all of the options that work for you and your fleet. Whether it’s your first time buying a truck on your own, or your fourth time replacing a fleet of 20, you know to look for things like reliability and fuel mileage. However, you shouldn’t overlook one important factor in the purchase: resale value.

When Buying New

Not that you should overlook reliability and fuel mileage. Both have a large impact on price when it comes to the resale value. With diesel prices continuing to climb, economical trucks have been the main focus of buyers both new and used.

Yet saving trips to the gas pump shouldn’t be the only consideration. Sometimes in an effort to increase fuel efficiency, truck manufacturers can skimp on power, which can be a killer if your routes frequently take you through mountainous passes. Make sure you go with tried and true engine, axle, and transmission specs before you wind up with the latest flop.

Fleet owners may want to save money in their initial purchase by choosing manual windows or skipping on air conditioning, but this choice may be costly in the long run. Buyers looking for used trucks want these small luxuries, so the upfront cost will give you a nice return on the investment. As a bonus, these additions will also keep your drivers happy!

Preparing to Sell

Servicing your vehicle is already a must. Keeping your truck in tip top shape not only helps keeps your trucks on the road, it can increase the value when you go to sell. Buyers won’t just want to take your word for it; be sure to have maintenance records on hand when it’s time to sell.

It also helps resale value to keep wear and tear of the interior to a minimum; seat covers, floor mats, and regular cleanings will keep it looking new. You can look at our blog post for more ideas about making your cabin look amazing!

Other Resale Value Ideas

Handing Over Keys
Before you hand your keys to any salesperson, make sure they can get the most resale value for you!

Timing is also a crucial element in selling your truck. Be sure to try and rotate new vehicles out of your fleet when their mileage is low for the best resale price.

Do not just let anyone sell your truck. Finding an experienced, trusted salesman can be difficult. Ask for a referral to a dealer, or read reviews online.

Have any more tips for maintaining the resale value of your rig? Let us know in the comments!

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