5 Perks of BYOD ELDs

The ELD mandate includes strict rules requiring that drivers have an electronic device and that logs their hours of service (HOS) in the device. For those who are used to using traditional log books or AOBRDs, there is an alternative available to truck drivers who who would like to stay away from from using a hardwired ELD. That alternative is a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) ELD. A recent amendment to the mandate allows truck drivers to use their own device as long as it can function as an ELD. Having this alternative provides many perks for truck drivers, but below are 5 of the perks of bringing your own ELD.


Contrary to installing a hardwired ELD unit into your vehicle which may be quite expensive, bringing your own ELD saves time and money. In today’s society, many individuals already own a smartphone or a tablet. Instead of  paying high fees for a hard-wired solution, truck drivers can use their smartphones as an alternative. For drivers opting to use their smartphones, they can simply download an ELD app, such as the Switchboard Electronic Logbook App (available on the Google Play Store for Android). This allows them to test out the app and its features, before committing to a BYOD ELD purchase.

Ease of Use

Nothing is harder than having to adjust to new technology. In addition to that, configuring and setting up new technology is an even more tedious task. Bringing your own ELD eliminates this hassle and provides ease of use, especially for truck drivers who aren’t very familiar with technology.  The current generation of truck drivers is more familiar with paper logs, thus a transition to hardwired electronic logging devices can provide much difficulty. It is important to pick a solution that focuses on an easy to use interface, which is precisely why Switchboard provides step-by-step instructional videos and 24/7 support so that your drivers can make the transition easily.


Building off of usability, truck drivers will find comfort in navigating through their existing smart device. This can also minimize errors and allow for accurate logging of hours. In addition to the simpler process for logging hours through their smartphones, truck drivers also have the flexibility of using route management and navigational apps on their phones.

Simple to Install

As mentioned earlier, setting up and configuring new technology can be very tedious. However, the simple installation process with a BYOD ELD is perfect for owner-operators or companies with high turnover rates. These can be installed without any hassle and won’t require hours of setup like a hardwired ELD. Switchboard’s “plug and play solution” lets users get set up in 4 simple steps. Learn more here.


One of the best perks of a BYOD ELD is being able to take it in and out of the vehicle with ease. Contrary to a hardwired ELD, you can protect your information and privacy while carrying your data with you at all times. With your BYOD ELD, you can also take photos for evidence and supplemental information if need be.

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