Ten Reasons to Choose Switchboard ELDs

Maybe you have been collecting research on all the different options, maybe you were holding out for a change in the mandate, or maybe you were just too busy this month to order an AOBRD/ELD for your truck yet. Whatever your reason might be for not having an engine module plugged into your vehicle yet, the important thing is that there is still time to get compliant.

To make the choice easier here are the top ten reasons to choose a Switchboard AOBRD/ELD.

1. Switchboard devices are FMCSA compliant

Switchboard is listed on the FMCSA website as a certified manufacturer

2. The Switchboard App is free to download, just click here

Easily download the app on your Android smartphone or tablet

3. No monthly fees!

That’s right, the Switchboard Mobile app is free forever

4. Switch between AOBRD and ELD at the click of a button

Order and install your device before December 18 to benefit from the AOBRD grandfathered rules for another two years!

5. Easy to use

Built with a simple user interface and familiar design to the paper logs making the switch to electronic logging devices as easy as possible

6. Simple to install

Switchboard devices instantly connect to your Android devices via Bluetooth once you plug in the engine module

7. Add features to help manage your fleet

Add GPS tracking and manage IFTA to take control of your safety options with the latest cloud technology

8. Devices compatible with all different types of trucks

Just select the cable for your vehicle type when ordering from our store to easily connect to the device

9. Options for both Owner/Operator and Large Fleets

Choose between our Switchboard Mobile and Switchboard Enterprise options to pick what works best for your operation

10. Saves you time and money

No more manually recording logs or regular calls with the dispatcher, instantly have access to information giving you more time on the road

To order your AOBRD/ELD engine module or learn more about Switchboard’s FMCSA compliant solutions visit onswitchboard.com



Switchboard ELDs and AOBRDs provide amazing logs that are certified by the FMCSA.

If you are interested, you can request a free demo.

If you have any questions, give us a call at 1-844-535-3387 or send us an email at  sales@onswitchboard.com.

Looking forward to having you on board, with Switchboard.

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